Sunday, March 4, 2012

Battle of the Home Improvement Commercials, Home Depot's "Don't Stop" 30 sec and 60 second versions reviewed.

Usually when a commercial has both a 30 second and a 60 second version, we discover many nuances in the 60 second version that are not present in the 30 second version.

In regards to Home Depot's Don't Stop commercial, one aspect of the 30 second commercial that always gave me a chuckle was the man pushing the wall in the background while doing a dance move.

I could not figure out why so much energy was expended on part of the frame that some or many may not even notice, his dancing feet, plus we don't see the person's face.

or so I thought.

When I went to find the 30 second Home Depot "Don't Stop" commercial for this article, I forst discovered the 60 second version. 
Suddenly I saw that the man pushing the wall in the background is actually the husband who was dancing on the dinner table and he even has face time. 

I actually like the 30 second version more simply because the song for purposes of the 60 second commercial seems to die out well before the commercial is over.

However, the 60 second commercial gives closure for me as to why the dancing man pushing the wall was putting forth so much effort in the 30 second version.

Dancing man probably hates the 30 second version, and probably loves the 60 second version.

You can find the artist's name Gin WigMore, by clicking here.

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