Saturday, March 17, 2012

McDonalds Shamrock Shake Commercial, a bit of mint and a dash of Bi-Polar March Madness.

The cure to Bi-Polarism, a McDonald's Shamrock Shake? But what about after St. Patricks Day, then what? And, the Shamrock Shake is only at participating McDonalds, I pity the fool whose local McDonald's does not have the Shamrock Shake. 

Is the man in this video really out of the woods? Once the lady has finished off her McDonald's shamrock shake, won't there be a discussion as to why he didn't wait to have his shake until he got home?  And she would be right. 

Even though I disagree with feminists who constantly rant that we live in a patriarchal society, (divorce and alimony usually favor a woman, even if the woman initiates a divorce so they can be with someone else), this commercial does paint the woman as an attractive, bi-polar whacko.

Yes, she's a hottie, in a domesticated porn star actress sort of way. 

Although the McDonald's Shamrock Shake commercial delivers nice acting, directing, editing/pacing, and sound mix, this commercial will probably result in a few thousand men reconsidering whether or not to marry their present girlfriend who may have shown similar tendencies to the women in this commercial.

Perhaps this commercial could have gone in a different direction and have focused its energy on why the man chose to have his shake before he got home. 

Would have been really funny if McDonalds had made a second version of this commercial from the women's point of view over the fact that the man could not wait to have his shake before he got home.

But what do I know, I'm just a regional emmy winning producer director who also was an ATAS internship finalist and winner in the commercials category who sometimes happens to have excellent add on ideas for commercials, just sayin.

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