Friday, March 30, 2012

Did McDonalds make a marketing misstep with their Mint Shamrock Shake commercial?

AlexLOGIC has detected an out of ballpark home run for the McDonald's 2012 Shamrock Shake commercial. 
The Shamrock Shake is obviously marketed towards St. Patricks day, however, McDonalds could have also marketed this product towards the NCAA March Madness event as well, especially because there is an element of "madness" within the commercial (see my review here).

AlexLOGIC noticed a huge drop off in hits for the McDonalds Shamrock Shake commercial right after St. Patricks Day, yet their commercial ironically delved into March "madness" and would have still been effective until the end of March.

2 weeks of marketing momentum lost, will be interesting to see if McDonalds extends their Shamrock Shake availability until the end of March to coincide with the end of the NCAA March Madness. If they do, you saw the idea here first.

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