Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is AT&T's 2012 Susie's "Going Pink" commercial unintentionally racist?

I sometimes get a chuckle when I see glaring script dialogue errors that have easy, easy remedies. It makes me wonder if group think paralysis has taken over the scripting on some commercial productions. 

There was BETTER dialogue available for the last line of the AT&T Susie "Going Pink" commercial. Many times the last line of a commercial makes or breaks a commercial. 

So it's not the unintentionally racist aspect of the AT&T Susie 2012 Going Pink commercial that is the biggest problem, it's that the dialogue could have easily been improved.

This year the best that Susie's 2012 Going Pink commercial will get is "dumbest final line put into a commercial" award. I wonder if all the same people were involved in this year's commercial as were involved last year, because I have never seen such a huge drop in cleverness for a commercial sequel.

Susie, you were fine, it was the grown ups that messed up, big time.

In case you are wondering what the reply to "I wonder how she does it" should have been, instead of "That's why she's the boss", (also poorly directed as the person stating the line is walking away while saying it), the line could have been either..."That's why she's Susie", or, "Susie believes in her product", (cut to Susie drinking her own product).

And for that matter, why wasn't the pink lemonade in the water cooler much bigger and therefore more visible?

And as a final aside, I never even saw the second Susie Lemonade commercial, which is kind of a shock to me considering I must have seen the original Susie Lemonade commercial at least 50 times.

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