Friday, May 7, 2010

AlexLogic Reviews the Limited Time five dollar coupon offer from Vegan ZPizza on any Berkeley Vegan Pizza ordered at participating ZPizza locations.

I loved almost everything about the Berkely Vegan ZPizza. I could do without the vegan cheese topping. I think the Berkeley Vegan ZPizza probably doesn't even need the vegan cheese topping anyways. Will update this topic once I try a cheeseless version of the Berkely Vegan ZPizza. The five dollar ZPizza Vegan coupon can be downloaded until May 08, 2010, and then can be used until May 15, 2010 at participating ZPizza locations.

Apparently you can download more than one, but you can only use one per visit. There is a minimum order maximum driving distance and 2 dollar delivery fee if you order delivery.

(Edit note:) The coupon offer has now expired. I am not too thrilled that it was cut off halfway through May 08, 2010 rather than at midnight. However, in theory you could pay 50 cents to have a color copy made of your coupon if you had downloaded one before the coupon was no longer available since the coupon is good through May 15, 2010.

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