Saturday, May 22, 2010

No special effects, no loud music, no fast cutting, yet an instant Classic French commercial starring Mr. W.

Even the casting for Mr. W. is amazing. Like this blog article title says, "No special effects, no loud music, no fast cutting, yet this french commercial is an instant classic".

The W commercial is obviously offensive the first time one views it. However, once one understands what is going on the offense turns into a "gotcha moment". I was personally relieved when I figured out the deeper meaning of the commercial and its ability to have obviously socially offensive images actually have a deeper meaning, and I found that impressive.

This commercial does raise a philosophical question for me. If a commercial uses imagery that most would deem offensive or inappropriate, is the imagery justified if they actually have a deeper meaning?

While it can be considered artistic, or innovative, when people realize that something may not be as it seems, what about the people that never "get it", and view the commercial as offensive and either turn the channel every time they see it come on, or simply clench their fists and remain upset?

Television as a medium has the unique distinction of reaching so many people at the same time without always knowing how the populace is affected on an individual basis.

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