Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kia Motors Sorento Commercial, how you like it now, I like it very much.

The Kia Motors 60 second Sorento commercial has time to make up for a stumbly beginning. The commercial builds momentum so quickly that by the end of many feel that it is one of their favorite commercials of all time.

I think Kia did such a good job (along with the band) coming up with the song that they could have made a contest for budding filmmakers to make a Kia Sorento commercial using the same music them. However, because it is a car commercial, that probably poses some safety issues and maybe is one of those ideas that sounds better as an idea than actually trying it do it.

From the moment the bowling pins explode, the Kia Sorento commercials loses momentum for the next several seconds. The exploding pins should have been followed by a group shot in the Kia of our adventurous friends, instead we see a reaction shot at the bowling alley, funny, but not the proper way to proceed after the pins explode.

As much as I like the jet ski sequence, it seems to be out of place when it comes up so early in the commercial. However, because the jet ski sequence happened so early in the commercial, the commercial completely recovers (in great part because of the music track) and gains massive momentum rapidly. By the time we see "mom" being patchworked on to the arm of one of our heroes, the commercial has attained warp drive entertainment value.

This is a 60 second commercial. I don't recall the 30 second version. If the music can be properly cut down, there is no reason the Kia Sorento commercial cannot also be a classic in the 30 second genre as well.

The slow motion shots of our group are terrific and memorable as well. I know chest bumps at some point will go out of vogue, but, where is the group chest bump?

What adds the final cout de tat for me is the "made in america" message at the very end of the commercial.

The song is so solid it comes off as an instant "where have I heard that before it is so good" classic. Kia should consider using the same sound track every time they come up with a new Sorento commercial.

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