Monday, May 3, 2010

Baskin and Robbins Commercial, Zany, Funny, and a hit on youtube.

Although some people can't stand the Baskin and Robbin's Ice Cream and Cake Commercial, it appears by the thumbs up votes to be a hit on YouTube. If you hate the zany Ice Cream and Cake song, you are in the minority by a 10-1 margin.
Click on image above to see it clearer.

And yes, if you hear the commercial too many times, the song will stay in your head and it won't melt away the way their ice cream cakes do in you mouth.

I have a crazy theory about this Baskin Robbins song. When the TV Show Friends was in its hey day fifteen years ago, the show's song, I'll be there for you, became a number one hit.

I bet if Baskin Robbins actually was able to show the making of the Ice Cream and Cake song, the kids would eat it up.

(Edit update - July 2, 2010 The New Baskin Robbins commercial that does not have the song from above falls way short as a result. Click here to see that AlexLOGIC review)

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