Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ABC Tuesday Night Prime Time Audio Broadcast Problem, Nov. 16, 2010?

I was watching No Ordinary Family and found myself putting the volume way up past where I ever put it just so I could hear the dialogue. Then when the first set of commercials came on, I almost hit the ceiling as they were literally 3 times as loud as the volume of the show.

I decided to wait for Dancing with the Stars to see if the audio issue continued. Sure enough, the audio to the show "Dancing with the Stars" this particular night (Nov. 16, 2010) is low, (although not as low as with No Ordinary People), but more importantly, the actual fidelity of the sound seems slightly muted and with less frequency and dynamic range.

The drive to computerize all aspects of television broadcasting appears to be coming with its own set of problems. I am watching on standard def so its possible the problem is happening downstream of the HD feed, but still, this sucks. Its like the bass and the high end have been sucked out of the broadcast sound. Yech.

Most people may not notice because these shows actually create such an excellent sound track to begin with that even when the transmission is botched the sound still may be acceptable to most people.

(Edit note, the following night, The Middle sounded fine, but the next show, the one with the canned laugh track, seemed to have the same problem as the prior night's line-up.)

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