Sunday, November 7, 2010

Allstate Motorcycle Ghost Bikes commercial reviewed.

I understand the Allstate Ghost Bikes commercial is hip, it probably goes over well with the younger crowd, the guitar riff is sparkling, and so on, but, come on, just what is All State saying here?

What Allstate is saying in their commercial and on their own webpage is a head scratcher.

In case you don't want to enlarge the image by clicking on it, Allstate is saying,
Just protecting
your bike isn't enough, Allstate Motorcycle insurance protects the bike, and more importantly, you.
Lets think about this for just a moment. Just how is Allstate protecting a motorcycle rider DURING AN ACCIDENT! The answer is, Allstate IS NOT PROTECTING ANYBODY during an accident!

Its probably more accurate, and truthful to say that Allstate will help protect WHAT IS LEFT OF YOU after your accident!

Repeating...Allstate motorcycle insurance protects the bike, and what is left of you AFTER YOUR ACCIDENT.
Do you know how golden this advice is that I am giving? Allstate could do two things at the same time, they could entertain, enthrall, and be viewed as hip by the younger crowd, AND, Allstate could also remind everybody that "What is left of you" may not be the best route to take with your motorcycle.
I found a smaller mistake on a State Farm Commercial this past summer but State Farm never made the commercial available on the internet, too bad for them because I believe their message could have resonated even louder and clearer if they had me as a consultant because I found a mistake that probably was fixable without reshooting.

I'm here, I have an intuitive mind for making commercials better, but I can't make someone come to me if they think their stuff never could be improved.

There is also one more philosophical flaw in the entire Allstate commercial campaign that I won't divulge at this time. Just sayin.

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