Friday, November 26, 2010

LeBron James "What Should I do", "The Decision" commercial by Nike, a year and a half TOO LATE.

Here is a clever take off on the LeBron James "What should I do" "The Decision" commercial by Ohio State team captain and very capable wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher.

One of the basic reasons I HATE NIKE for their role in wooing LeBron James out of Cleveland is because they do things like "What Should I DO", a year and a half too late.
What would Cleveland Cavalier fans have thought if NIke's "What should I do" commercial starring LeBron James had come out after the 2008 season? Is it possible Lebron James gets traded for some top notch draft picks and right now the Cavs are still flying high towards a national championship? It's VERY POSSIBLE that could have happened.
It might have let Cleveland Cavalier fans know back then, that LeBron James already knew he was leaving after his last cavalier contract expired. If "What should I do" had come out after the 2008 season, LeBron James would have looked pretty selfish because the Cavaliers had the most wins during the 2008 regular season.

Many experts were certain, and correct, that the cavaliers would also win the most games during the 20009 season as well, and the cavaliers did that too.

Nike's "What should I do" commercial is sleazy, mistimed and intellectually defunct, albeit well made and a philosophically solid commercial that should have come out a year and half earlier to actually have any real integrity.

If you saw a firefighter standing in the foreground of a totally burned down and still smoldering building, and he looked into the camera and gave LeBron's speal of "What should I do", wouldn't you kind of shake your head and say its a bit too late to be asking that question now?

And in the case of the firefighter, the firefighter didn't even start the fire, whereas the same most certainly cannot be said about LeBron James.
When Lebron James asks "What should I do?" I ask, about what; your reputation? Nothing, because your reputation is shot.

When LeBron James asks, "What should I do? I ask, about what; "your narcissistic timing that asks the question a year and a half late, and a championship or two, too short?"

When LeBron James asks, "What should I do? I ask, about what; about respecting your roots, your home town, your family, your promise to bring a championship to Cleveland?

Lebron, take your talents to south beach, don't marry the woman of your children, and show Tiger Woods how its done.

To quote Spike Lee, "It's gotta be the shoes", because the head is as solid as a rock.

I've decided not to put the youtube video of LeBron James "What Should I do" commercial in this article because as a former Clevelander, Lebron James is dead to me, and you've probably seen the commerical already.

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