Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nature Walk, starring the photographer and the Energizer Bunny, the commercial that haunts me.

Many years ago, I saw a television real life story about an experienced hiker who mysteriously disappeared during a hiking expedition. Months later, his remains were found by his campsite.

When the investigators went through his campsite belongings, they found a film camera with film still inside the camera. The 35mm strip of film was developed and revealed nothing out of the ordinary until the final couple of shots, which showed a group of bears first assembling in the distance, then in the next shot, moving closer. The final shot is of this group of bears just 10 or 15 feet away taken by the hiker just moments before his demise.

I tried finding this story on the internet, but after an hour of searching using all of my google tricks, I have given up (I can cover a lot of ground searching for google leads in an hour and I just can't find anything).

I may have seen the story on Unsolved Mysteries, or perhaps it was NBC Dateline, but either way, I can't find the story, or those pictures, anywhere on the internet.

Whenever I see the Energizer "Nature Walk" battery commercial featuring the photographer who happens to luck into various animals posing so the photographer can take their picture, I think of that guy and his horrific demise at the hands of those bears.

Just sayin.

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