Thursday, November 11, 2010

ITT Tech does an innovative thing and creates a Veterans Day commercial tribute.


It's 2010, can it be that difficult to create a one day commercial tribute to veterans? I don't know how many commercials advertisers actually bothered to create a one day commercial tribute to veterans, but ITT Tech did.

With the moving up of Black Friday to November, 12, 2010, it seems like a no brainer for advertisers to take a moment and also create a tribute video for our vets, but apparently, few did.

And next year, if you will be advertising for Black Friday, please take a moment and create a Veterans Day tribute commercial as well.

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Anonymous said...

That commercial was insulting. If they really wanted to take the time to thank out vets, they would have done their homework on the military. One guy had his name tapes on backwards and his collar upright and pinned. Just one of the more obvious mistakes that were non stop. You have no idea the kind of pride we take in our uniforms or what kind effort we go through to wear it. Forgive me for not being impressed by a half assed sentiment.

Alessandro Machi said...

Your critique of the commercial is exactly why I kept the article more about taking the time to tribute Veterans rather than doing nothing at all.

I do find it interesting that the one time I break my own rule about including the commercial within the article, someone calls me on it!

However, I absolutely agree that the commercial should not be put together in a possibly less than professional manner. Maybe your comment will help raise the bar for ITT Tech next year and for other advertisers as well.

The ITT tech veterans commercial was not on youtube and I was surprised to find that ITT Tech does not have a youtube channel.

I am planning on doing a follow up article on why a television advertiser should have a youtube channel.

I did not offer an actual critique of the commercial because I only saw the commercial once, and I was a good 15-18 feet from the television, and I also happened to be multi-tasking at the time.

Mostly I remember the ending, and that is why I did not do a critique of the actual commercial, but rather, the intent.

I definitely agree if the intent is not up to par, then that creates a new problem. But having only seen the commercial once, I felt it was most important to remind advertisers to not forget Veterans on Veterans day, especially since Veterans day came one day before Black Friday this year and it seems narcissistic to put all of ones advertising dollar into Black Friday and none into veterans day.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I did not mean for you to see that comment as aimed towards you or my discontent with your thoughts on it. My thoughts were purely aimed towards the commercial. I agree that it would be nice for more people to take the time to make a commercial to honor Veterans Day but to do it in the manner that ITT Tech did lead me to believe that it was more of a publicity stunt than an actual tribute. Unfortunately, if they did have the best interest in mind I failed to grasp it due to simialr incidents in the media that were aimed towards civilians that do not have much knowledge of the military.

I searched for the commercial too because no one I knew had seen it and I couldn't find it. I did find your blog though and I had to share my thoughts since no one else had any idea of what I was talking about. I apologize if I offended you.

Alessandro Machi said...

Interesting, I think you misunderstood my exclamation point. When I wrote "I do find it interesting that the one time I break my own rule about including the commercial within the article, someone calls me on it!"

The exclamation point was meant for comedic irony, not anger. However, if you interpret my explanation point as anger, then others may also.