Monday, November 8, 2010

Exclusive viewpoint, Why Proposition 19, the Marijuana proposition, lost in California and probably will lose in the future as well.

There is a foundational reason why Proposition 19, the California marijuana initiative, lost, and will probably lose in the future, but its probably not what you think.

Deep down in the hearts of Californians is a very real fear that the day may come when people who are already receiving any of the following, disability payments, pension benefits, unemployment benefits, and so on, may also be some of the same people lighting up a doobie.

Living the dream for some may be nothing more than hanging out, doping up, and being paid to do so. By "some", it may only be 10% of the population, maybe somewhat less, but that's still too many.

Proposition 19 may actually induce people to TRY and get some kind of state or federal benefit so they can just sort of hang around, dope it up, and tune out. On a personal level, yeah, it would irk me no end to know that some people are getting high both off of state and federal funding, and weed.

Is there a solution that would let people get high without also taking from the state or federal government? There might be a solution, but I believe that most people that want to smoke weed the most, probably want to work the least.

I know there are exceptions to this work less, weed more rule, and there are some people who work hard all week, and maybe Saturday night they just want to relax and get high. But for every one of them, there are probably 10 times the number who just want to get high and will resort to figuring out how to game the system to pay for their legal fix and the ability to get high every day.

I suppose one could impose a minimum income rule, so to be eligible to smoke weed, a person would have to show a minimum income of say, 10-15 grand a year, and no federal or state assistance. However, just what kind of work would the weed whackers do that wouldn't endanger others?

I have never heard anybody bring up what I have brought up in this article, but I really believe it is at the very core as to why Marijuana becoming legal will be a tough road to hoe.

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