Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AlexLOGIC coins the term "Elegant Advertising", possibly the next wave in internet advertising.

I read an article on Techland about GIF photo animations that gently animate actual portions of a photo image. The link above and example link given within that Techland article are very impressive. (hopefully Techland will keep the article active for a long long time).

So I think we are now one step away from "elegant advertising".

Start with an elegant photo displayed with GIF animations. The viewer can either admire the photo as is, or, AlexLOGIC suggest the next step would be the viewer has the option to scroll over the image and various advertising offers pop-up that relate to the images within the photo.

Elegance is choice, the viewer can simply enjoy the picture and subtle animation as is, or, if something within the picture draws their attention, they can scroll over it and find out more about it, such as where it can be purchased from and how much. While the scroll over an image technique probably already exists in many forms, combining it within a photo GIF animation creates an elegant advertising alternative to what presently exists.

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