Sunday, April 24, 2011

Most Annoying Commercial of 2011, Totino's Pizza Rolls, "Kids In America", and it's not the girls' fault either.

I think it's relatively safe to say that this is one of the worst commercials ever made, but please don't blame the girls, it's really not their fault.

I haven't checked the back of the box for the nutritional information label for Totino's pizza rolls food product, but I have noticed that some of these types of frozen pizza's have really high salt content. Was this possibly a purposely made bad commercial to keep kids away from another salty food product?

Are the creators of this really bad Totino's commercial secret heroes warning us about a really salty food product?

Or is it just a bad food commercial?

I would have made one simple suggestion that might have saved this commercial. However, this is one of those instances where I would only suggest the "fix" to the actual manufacturer and agency as a consultant.

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Anonymous said...

I think its just a horrible commercial.I mean cmon this commercial makes me feel like bashing my head off a wall then throwing my body out a window. lol

Alessandro Machi said...

It's like trying to reinvent the broken wheel. It would probably be bad enough having two teenagers singing a song with ear buds on so they didn't even know how loud they were singing, but to then have them sing out of sync?

Maybe the commercial sequel will be two teens singing entirely different songs at the same time.