Friday, April 15, 2011

Wow, another "pointless" celebration, this time by Von Wafer leads to a one point loss by the Boston Celtics.

I'm not a big fan of athletes celebrating after scoring, and I'm definitely not a fan of celebrating after not scoring.

Not only does Von Wafer miss the dunk, but if you watch his body language when he goes out of bounds, he takes a moment to celebrate what he thinks is a dunk, but wasn't, to the fans closest to him.

But it's worse than that.

Von Wafer than runs back in bounds and runs into his own player, causing a foul and loss of possession against his own team! The game was in overtime when this play occurred and Boston would lose the game by one point. OUCH!

But it's worse than that.

The team that may most benefit from this humungous faux pax is none other Miami, aka Mihammy, the team most known to showboat on a nightly basis, who were able to move past Boston and gain the home court advantage should these two teams meet in the playoffs.

How ironic is that!

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