Friday, April 8, 2011

Shark Tank's Jeff Foxworthy a bit too snarky? Makes fun of airport product for kids.

I wanted to checkout Shark Tank but was only able to see the first few minutes of tonight's show. What I saw however was somewhat disturbing to me.

I saw a married couple that had designed an airport combo luggage and kid mover. While I thought the product looked like it could maybe be made out of slightly stronger material, (as did some of the panel members) there were a couple panel member reactions that really just bugged me.

Jeff Foxworthy has apparently made a TON OF MONEY off of parlaying his midwestern values into comedy routines. Foxworthy has been able to sell many many products based on his comedy that are marketed to his midwestern fans.

I'm gonna make a guess that over half of his fans are married, and have kids. Yet
Foxworthy had a condescending view of the luggage / kid carrier that for me made it one of those moments of where I got to watch someone crap where they eat.

One of the top grossing films of all time involved leaving a kid behind who was supposed to travel with the family.
The sitcom "The Middle" recently aired an episode about air travel where the mom keeps screaming out for her son to make sure he hasn't been left behind.

The point being, if Hollywood can make fun of keeping track of the kids during travel, they'll make a movie about it that rakes in huge profits, or
they'll make a Tv episode about it. B
ut when middle america comes up with a product to actually take responsibility for those same kids, the best someone like Hollywood Foxworthy can do is smirk. What kind of candyland fantasyland does someone like Foxworthy live in?

Then another one of the Shark Tank's panelists made a "joke" about boarding the kids with the luggage into the cargo bay.

And then there was the "oh no, not retail" battle cry. Is this the state of economic excellence in our country? Are our alleged economic engine entrepreneurs afraid to make a product to take care of kids if that product is to be marketed retail?

Screw you, you elitist idiots, your show should be called "Snark Tank". Amazingly, there was interest from other panel members, but by then, I had more important things to do than watch Snark Tank members ridicule the very people that have bought their products and made them rich and famous.

(Edit update: I have since viewed another episode of Shark Tank and Jeff Foxworthy was a lot nicer and even made it a point to say how pro kid he was.)

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