Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Clorox "Do it, Do it" commercial is kind of misguided.

The Clorox "Do it, Do it" commercial is a head scratcher to say the least. Many times the commercials that probably should never have made it to television, cannot be found on youtube.

Normally, youtube publicity for any commercial is good publicity, unless the commercial is obnoxious beyond belief, really really bad, or "misguided", in which case not being on Youtube is probably a good thing.

So it doesn't surprise me that Clorox's "Do it, Do it" Stain Remover, Color Improver commercial isn't on youtube. You can only find it here, so at some point, it might even disappear from the Clorox Media Center.

I can see the motivation for this commercial idea from the ad creators, "Lets just go for it, let the mom be the instigator, have the kid let it all hang out"!
And yet, seeing the kid slide down a grassy mountain just seems wrong to me. All it takes is for one sharp rock to gut the kid, and I guess then we'll really see how well clorox can get rid of stains, blood stains.
Mom's gyrations looks like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book and I felt like I was about to enter a dark Tim Burton movie. I think the commercial is a litigious time bomb waiting to go off, but I understand the desire to try and take a product like clorox and think outside of the box, I just don't think the "Do it, Do it" commercial was a wise path to take.

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