Monday, April 18, 2011

Facebook may be making some costly mistakes in regards to how their members view groups that they have joined.

One of my biggest fears about the internet is happening at Facebook.

Facebook's biggest strength may be the ability to give everybody their own unique page while also merging the latest comments from friends onto their own page.

However, Facebook is now incorporating this same concept in a whole new way, and it's really misguided, and somewhat harmful and I believe could eventually lead to lawsuits.

People who join specific groups to discuss similar interests can apparently be blocked from seeing certain topics that other members can continue seeing.

The problem is the user may not know they are being blocked from a topic.

If you went to McDonalds and there was a separate line that you were not allowed to enter, but that iine was serving food you were not allowed to inquire about, you might find that offensive, and possibly even a reason to not go back.

The problem is on facebook a member can be excluded from a specific topic and not even know about it, even if they have already contributed to that very topic.

The solution is relatively simple, facebook has not figured it out, but I have.

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