Thursday, April 29, 2010

8th Annual TV Land Awards features a special announcement from Charo, aka April Lopez.

What if Marilyn Monroe had suddenly announced she was becoming an archaeologist and she wanted to be known by her original name? While that probably would have made news, the odds of that ever happening in her time were probably slim and none.
Which is why I found the Love Boats popular guest start, Charo, and her explanation to the TV LAND audience that she is now a concerto musician who performs In Italy, China, and all over the world, by the name of April Lopez, so endearing.
"Hola, Buenos Noches, My name is Charo, I was born in a Spain, and I own everything to senor Aaron Spelling. I did the love boat when my cuci cuci was only a gici gici (pause for audience laughter). I travel around the world. I'm a musician now, doing concerts with symphonies. In Italy my name is April, in mejico my name is April, in Canada my name is April, In China my name is April...Thank you.... Mr. Aaron Spelling, thank you everybody. God Bless you."
After Charo said "in China my name is April", I thought a punchline was coming such as "all over the world I am now April, but here on TVLAND, I will always be Charo!"

Either way, if you are a Charo Fan from the Love Boat Days, she now goes by the name of April Lopez and she may be visiting a concert hall near you.

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