Thursday, April 15, 2010

Van Nuys Post Office Finds Effective Way to Squash April 15, 2010 Tea Party Tax Protestors, and it probably was accidental.

I have always believed in "double realities" in which two differing interpretations of the same event can be convincingly demonstrated as being the truth. I was surprised to see no IRS income tax protesting at the Sherman Way Van Nuys Post Office on April 15th, 2010 after 11:00 PM. Usually people with signs can be seen until after midnight.

As I walked away it suddenly dawned on me that the smelly, loud, and in the way generator was the culprit. If the generator had even been kept a mere 15 feet away, the environment would not have been so uninviting. I think there were generators last year, but I don't recall them being right where the mail was collected. It is true that the farther away the generators are from the lights, longer power cords have to be used which can present a public tripping hazard.

All I can say is this years use of the power generators and their placement, along with the lighting placement, ended up being an effective way to shut down protestors who were no match for the loud and foul power generator that was being used.

A couple of portable car batteries with fusable links (for safety purposes) could probably power more than enough light for several hours, would be nice and quiet, and would not spew out burning oil into the air substantial enough to make ones eyes water, and would have allowed for protestors to peacefully gather, and be heard.

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