Monday, April 26, 2010

TV LAND 8th Annual Awards Review.

The TV Land Awards is many things all at the same time. It is the land that time forgot, it is the land of successful but somewhat discarded misfit toys, it is the place you go when you are feeling nostalgic. It is also the place you go to snicker, oogle, and fondly remember the past.

Perhaps the 8th annual TVLand 8th annual awards is like going back to your high school reunion to see who has aged worse than yourself, or, the moment you take to reverently reflect on your own past and the people who entertained you week after week when you realized our life was not just about you.

The TV Land Awards is also the place you can go to where everybody who walks on stage may actually speak. It is the place that an A actor like Tom Hanks will show up to to lend his support. It is also the place where the lead actor from Everybody loves Raymond, Ray Romano, would probably rather be anywhere else but at the TV Land Awards, but he still shows up and steps up, and gave it up, for the show.

And now I'm inspired. I would love to see the honored show ensembles do a scene specifically for the TV land Awards. I would love to see Raymond getting his TV Land award invitation on his TV show set, and have a scene play out with cast members as to why he doesn't want to go.

Maybe the scene ends with Raymond's dad, (the now deceased Peter Boyle, yelling at him to go and enjoy his life while he still can), cut to Raymond and the gang getting up on stage.

Maybe the show ensembles that are being honored are featured on a current television show and that clip is used to introduce the ensemble at the TV Land Awards as the ensemble goes on stage.

I liked the linking of the past with the present. It's why Tom Hanks showed up, to respect how he got his start. It's so Ray Romano can meet his own idols such as Bob Newhart, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.

It's so many of the actors can take a moment on stage and thank executive producers like the deceased Aaron Spelling.

Bernie Koepel had a sedated Robin Williams moment when he ad libbed, "I'm so glad to be be anywhere".

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