Friday, April 23, 2010

Alex LOGIC aka Alessandro Machi scoops The New York Times by 3 days regarding the PRIME TIME SIT COM REVIVAL.

Did Alex Logic, aka Alessandro Machi, scoop the New York Times?
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I will admit to making a mistake in my article. I couldn't remember the name of the fourth comedy show on ABC's Wednesday night comedy schedule, so I didn't name any of them. It turns out the reason I could not name all four shows is that ABC regularly runs their three comedy hit shows and then adds an additional run of one of those three shows as the fourth show. I could not name the fourth show because it no longer was airing!

Factor in that Modern Family follows three very separate, very funny but related households, and that just became too much math for me to do.

There is a lot of GOOD STUFF in my article that is spot on including if at least one of the networks doesn't add a comedy show line-up to Tuesday night, as soon as possible, they are being daft beyond comprehension.

The syndication angle was also covered by my article and the New York Times article.

However, the New York Times article failed to mention the lack of a laugh track on ABC Wednesday comedy night, and that was a central theme to my article as it helps explain the proliferation of GOOD comedy shows because the comedy shows with laugh tracks "feel different" than the comedy shows without laugh tracks, and that makes it a win win for both types of situation comedies.

The New York Times made no definitive mention of the reality TV angle and how dominant American Idol was a few years ago. My point is that the networks may have waited too long to pounce on Tuesday night so that viewers could choose to watch a good sit com over a long in the tooth reality TV show like American Idol.

By the way, I liked Gary Unmarried and am surprised CBS took that show off the air. This was something the New York Times failed to mention as they presumed Accidentally on purpose had been on all year long when it has only been on for about six weeks as a replacement to Gary Unmarried.

CBS should move The New adventures of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried to Tuesday Night and let ABC have Wednesday night. And although I did not mention NBC's Thursday night line-up in my prior article, I consider 30 Rock to be the best show out there, and The Office a top ten as well.

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