Friday, April 9, 2010

Dex Knows dot com poses interesting challenge to Google and other too big to fail search engine services, and their commercial is funny.

I just saw the Dex Knows commercial during a Major League baseball game between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox. I found the Dex Knows commercial to be very, very effective, wouldn't change a thing. Ok, maybe the shot of the computer screens were just a tad too fast, but that is a very minor point.

Although local cable advertising can provide the ability to target a very small territory with commercials, this is the first time I have seen an internet search engine commercial that uses the local cable advertising strategy as it illustrates the usefulness of a localized search engine search, and does it in a comical but illuminate manner.
If I were Google I would be somewhat concerned. Why doesn't Google have a companion search engine site, such as Gaggle, or, Giggle? "Sometimes a Giggle is all you need".
Dex Knows dot com has really hit google hard with their commercial, and all of the points raised in the commercial are completely valid.
If I were google, I would either buy out Dex Knows (and continue the product of course), or come up with a Gaggle or Giggle localized search engine for more localized internet searches.

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