Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alex LOGIC consulting services to the Rescue!

In the past few months, I have shared...
  • flaws regarding Canon's Image Browser software upgrade for Snow Leopard with Canon's corporate office,
  • a stat counting idea to Blog Tracker, (which was enthusiastically incorporated by Blog Tracker into their design and I thank them as the upgrade then benefited all blog tracker users including myself),
  • that KNBC streamline their page loading by not using high resolution images that were only displaying at a thumbnail size but slowing down the loading time for other portions of their web page,
  • with an online news station that their Moveable type software had a significant software glitch that resulted in cross over accessibility from one blogging account to other blogging accounts.
One neat result of doing this type of "consulting" was learning that M.T.E. means Middle Technology Evaluation. Perhaps I am an M.T.E.C, a Middle Technology Evaluation Consultant.

I don't bring this stuff up to be a braggart. I have come to realize that it is possible to do for others and come away with nothing in return simply because that is sometimes how the world works. Corporations generally don't ask their employees to give external credit even if a thank you is appropriate.
If you have a history of being a helpful person, you don't have to scream it out, but don't be shy about keeping a record of it somewhere, especially if you have helped a business or a corporation.
Eventually, you may require help yourself and if nobody has heard about you or what you are about, you may end up feeling like you were unfairly treated in life when the reality was you kept quiet about the good things you did for others.
Although I truly believe in the more you do for others, the more you get back, the internet does not necessarily work that way. Keep track of what you do that you believe to be righteous, because nobody else will.
One subset of being creative is noticing what works, and what doesn't, when attempting to use the internet tools being provided by others. Discovering four internet functions that could be improved and sharing those observations with M.T.E. (middleware technology evaluation) is one way I give back.

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