Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tough Times lead to local innovations, Semi Trucks that serve as Parked Billboards.

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At first glance, it's just an 18 wheeler parked at an angle. Well, that wasn't the real first glance. The image above is a strategically shot camera angle that shows the 18 wheeler in just the right perspective so that it just looks like an innocently parked 18 wheeler.

But it is not just an innocent looking 18 wheeler parked at an odd angle for no reason. There is actually a very important reason this innocent looking 18 wheeler is parked at an odd angle.

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At second glance, which was actually the first glance while I was driving and what motivated me to stop and shoot these photos, this innocent looking 18 wheeler actually has two huge, colorful sides that double as billboards.

Notice how both cars driving by in the picture below have their brake lights on. They have their brake lights on because they have slowed down to look at the side of the truck that has now become a temporary billboard.

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What is even more striking is everything around the billboard has a neutral color tone to it. The color from the billboard just pops off side of the truck. And when magic hour hits, the image jumps out that much more.

As spectacular and visually enhancing as the placement of the truck and the billboard found on both of its flanks is, one flaw is the cars have already driven by the supermarket parking space just as this sign comes into view. Most cars probably won't turn around and go back, at least not the first time they see the billboard. But by the third or fourth drive by, they might.

This is what enterprising businesses do in tough times, they figure out ways to stretch a dollar. This is also what I do, I notice these kinds of things.

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