Monday, March 8, 2010

OLD SPICE "I'm on a horse" commercial bringing down the house.

The man your man could smell like.
Wieden and Kennedy of "Just do it" Nike fame have struck gold again with this Old Spice "mansterpiece". Isaiah Mustafa stars in the commercial and is a former NFL football player.

As engaging and classically trained this over the top performance is, there are many other aspects to this commercial that make this commercial one of my all time favorites.
You can also check out "the making of" the Old Spice commercial with Leo LaPorte in the above youtube clip. Do you think the entire commercial was made in one take, or was it done with CGI? Leo Laporte interviews the ad agency executives in charge to find out.

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Bruce Hershey said...

I'm not sure, but I think the commercial was done in one shot, with a few segues and stuff. Any case, this has also been one of my favorite, most memorable commercials. The production was just well-done. Most local commercials here in Toronto are done with top-notch productions as well.