Friday, March 12, 2010

The Shin Soo Choo Solution. Solving how to keep Shin Soo Choo playing baseball in America uninterrupted by his South Korean military duty requirement.

I am a fan of major league baseball and a Shin Soo Choo fan. I also believe there is a solution to keep Shin Soo Choo playing baseball with the Cleveland Indians without forcing Mr. Choo to serve two years of military duty in South Korea before he reaches the age of 30.

A huge part of my media consulting services is offering ideas that solve problems. My solution should make every side happy in the ongoing drama involving Shin Soo Choo and whether Mr. Choo can continue to play baseball in america, without having to stop for two years to fulfill his military service requirement in South Korea.

In this instance, payment for my consulting services would not enough. I would need to know that if my solution works, that Shin Soo Choo and the Cleveland Indians can agree on a long term deal as well.

If I sold my solution to Choo's agent, Scott Boras, and Mr. Boras successfully used the idea to allow Mr. Choo to keep playing major league baseball uninterrupted, Mr. Boras could also use the success of the idea to extract millions more money from the Cleveland Indians.

As a fan of the game, a fan of Shin Soo Choo, and a fan of smaller market teams holding on to their talent, that would not be an acceptable outcome for me. Mr. Choo should be rewarded for being a fine major league baseball player, but right now Mr. Choo's future is clouded.
If no solution is reached, Mr. Choo's value could plummet if he returns to serve two years of military service in South Korea. What is needed is a measured, reasonable response by all parties that in kind benefits everybody, and I believe I have that solution.

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