Friday, March 26, 2010

I See Things most people don't seem to notice, take this video of a Portsmouth GoalKeeper who missed a simple kick and allowed a goal.

Please, watch this video of the Portsmouth goalkeeper missing the ball kicked by a Liver Pool player. Apparently this goalie is getting a huge flogging from soccer fans. While I do agree that of all the times to miss a simple bouncing ball, this is not one of them, there is something much more unacceptable going on here and it was not mentioned in the original yahoo article.

So, what did the article miss?
Why is the Liver Pool player who DID NOT kick the ball that skipped past the goalkeeper, tapping the goal bound ball just before it reaches the net? The ball was going to go into the net whether he touched it or not, but by touching it he gets credit for the goal.
Yes, the teammate in white pictured above is just about to steal a goal from the player who actually kicked the ball past the goalkeeper and I find that unacceptable.

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