Sunday, March 7, 2010

Missing the Buzz, Sour Patch Kids Bicycle commercial is hilarious, but not available on the net.

If I were the commercials consultant for the sour patch kids commercials, I would suggest putting the sour patch kids bicycle commercial on the internet right away. Truly an opportunity is being lost by the sour patch kids to create free internet buzz for what is a wacky commercial that immediately gets your attention and holds it, and makes you laugh as well.
(Edit update - March 17, 2010) The Sour Patch Bike Commercial can now be found on YouTube - Now that I can review it, I am shocked to see it is only a 15 second commercial, wow, that just makes the commercial even more amazing).

How good is the Sour Patch Kids bike commercial? I don't even think I was paying attention the first time I saw the sour patch kids bicycle commercial. The Sour Patch Kids Bicycle commercial not only grabbed my attention, it allowed me to reconstruct the first few seconds of the commercial simply because of the way the rest of the commercial was put together.
Some of us liked the sour patch kids bicycle commercial so much we went on the internet to watch it again, but were unable to find it. You can click here to go to the sour patch kids commercial web page but as of March 07, 2010 the sour patch kids bicycle commercial is not up yet.

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Todd McFarland said...

It is really clever. Still not on YouTube. Don't marketers want it to be available?

Alessandro Machi said...

Two theories to consider. An actual television channel likes the commercial so much they agree to a discounted price if the advertiser agrees not to promote the commercial on youtube or the internet.

The second theory is their website is a flash site and maybe they don't want to pay for constant changes to it.

I don't think either theory is either correct, or a good enough reason to not have the commercial creating internet buzz.

Alessandro Machi said...

The commercial did make it to Youtube, however, not until March 10th, 2010, and then it appears to have not shown up on google search right away.