Thursday, March 18, 2010

CSI Miami has a Chance to do the Right Thing, but will they?

This was truly a horrible way for this man to die. Robert Gary Jones was listening to his I-Pod with his ear buds while jogging on the beach and probably never heard the engine less plane gliding in for a crash landing. The Pilot alleges that oil spilling from the engine had landed on his windshield so he couldn't see what was directly in front of him. He crash landed his plane onto the beach and into the unsuspecting jogger, who leaves two very young children and his wife behind.

The deceased jogger apparently had an important job with Klaxo Smith Kline and it wouldn't take that much script savvy to create a CSI Miami script in which the plane crash may, or may not have been an accident.

For once I would like to call dibbs on behalf of the grief stricken family that has been left fatherless. If in fact CSI Miami does do a script "loosely based" on a "death by single engine plane killing a jogger", I would like the television show's producers to do something nice for the deceased's family like donate an equal amount of money to the family that the script will generate for the television show's writers and producers in perpetuity, including residual income every time the show airs as well.

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