Sunday, March 14, 2010

Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice messes up first episode big time.

Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice missed an excellent opportunity in the first episode of the 2010 year to NOT FIRE anybody. In past seasons I recall that Donald Trump has actually fired more than one apprentice in the same episode. It seems to me that if Mr. Trump can fire more than one apprentice in the same episode, he could also do the reverse and not fire anybody if nobody really deserved it.

Mr. Trump basically admitted no one had really done badly on either team.

In the first episode of the 2010 season, the first task was performed relatively flawlessly by both groups. About the only mistake the losing side made was probably not charging enough for the charity burgers they were selling, and leaving some donors outside looking in.

However, the bottom line is there really were no screw ups in the first week. I'd rather Mr. Trump not have fired anybody since there was no obvious person to fire, and then just move on to week two. Trump spent several excruciating minutes trying to get the losing team to crack and blame someone for the loss. The problem was there really was nobody to blame and I actually grew uncomfortable watching Mr. Trump trying to force the group to come up with a human sacrifice.

I understand that Celebrity Apprentice gets alotted a certain amount of episodes and if Mr. Trump doesn't fire somebody every week the show would go over its scheduled run. However there was plenty of time and plenty of shows later on to possibly do a double firing if necessary.

I felt cheated that the show forced itself to follow the typical path when no one really "earned" a firing. But besides feeling cheated, the tone of what Mr. Trump did in the first episode reminiscent of the World War II Neremberg trials when the plea of "I was only following orders" was not deemed an acceptable defense for German officers. I understand the gravity of the show is not the same, but the "tone" of what Mr. Trump did was the same.

Mr. Trump came off sounding like he was just "following orders" and I think that is a dangerous, subliminal message to send to millions of viewers.

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