Friday, March 12, 2010

First it was Sour Patch Kids Bicycle Commercial, now its Vh1 One hit wonders number one songs.

This is now the second time in a week I am identifying a successful television production that has no simultaneous internet presence. First it was the Sour Patch Kids Bicycle television commercial, now it is VH1's one hit wonders, number one songs, 2010.

There is a VH1, one hit wonder, top one hundred show from 2009, but those are comprised of one hit wonder songs that were popular, but did not necessarily reach number one.

VH1 has come up with a clever variation on the one hit wonder theme. This one is a television special about one hit wonders that made it all the way to number one. For me it is definitely a revisit down memory lane. I find the show so emotive I kind of wish they could have used these songs in some kind of a back to the future movie.

Ironically, Hot Tub the movie is coming out in a couple of weeks and that movie goes back to the future so to speak and uses 80's music. Maybe someone could write a script about going back in time and they realize that all of these one hit wonders are not going to have their songs released because of a huge contract given to one of the biggest stars around. Either all these artists get their one hit of fame, or none of them do and the biggest star on the planet just gets a bit bigger.

Ok, now go write it. (ha ha). Ok, I'll even contribute the ending. It's 10 years later and the big star, who our back to the future star was able to quell and let all of these other performers get their one number one hit, is now involved in a life threatening situation and in an ironic twist of fate, all the of one hit wonders who have moved on to other non music industry careers help save the celebrity just because of the work they now do.

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